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The Galilee Baptist Church

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Galilee Baptist Church

Lighthouse Street Ministry

President: Minister Alice Taylor


  • Reaching out to the lost impacting our community for the Kingdom
  • Outreach is one of the ways that we demonstrate our willingness to meet people right where they’re at in the same way Jesus met us.

If they are poor we meet them in their poverty.

If they are lonely we meet them in their loneliness.

If they are hungry we meet them with food.

If they are naked we meet them with clothing.

If they are homeless to help them find a way to a home.

If they are lost to help them become found.

If they are tired and weary to give them rest.

  • Once they’ve been reached to disciple people into our helps ministry in such a way that they grow spiritually, socially, and as individuals.
  • To be aware that our behavior is the first utterance of the Gospel people hear before we even open our mouths